Travelocity Promo Codes, Selecting Wedding Entertainment, and other tips!

Turlock is a fabulous wedding destination for a lot of reasons. We enjoy the warm California climate, have great hotels and accommodations, as well as some truly outstanding restaurants and dining. It’s also very convenient to travel to from San Francisco, San Jose, or Sacramento. Weddings can be an overwhelming and expensive undertaking, but with some good planning and preparation you can have the day that you wanted and not break the bank on it! Here are a few of our top tips below.

Use coupons for travel, like Travelocity Promo Codes

If you or family members are travelling for a destination wedding (and Turlock is a great destination!) you can use coupon codes from major online retailers such as Travelocity for a flight and hotel deal. If you look for your specific destination you may or may not find coupons or deals for that particular city or area, but don’t worry there are always at least a few general-purpose offers that can be used for any destination. Generally, booking really far in advance or leaving it to the last minute will net you the best prices, but it can be nerve-wracking waiting to see if a last minute seat sale will come up or not! That’s why I prefer to use coupons, you get a great price and you won’t have to worry about what to do if you don’t get a flight. For other coupons check out

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How to Select the Best Wedding Entertainment

If you are planning a wedding, you are likely giving plenty of thought to the type of entertainment and music for the event. Often, this important decision comes down to either a traditional wedding singer or a live band. Both have their own unique merits. On the one hand, an experienced and skilled live band has the flexibility to play all different types of music. A traditional singer brings that extra special sentimentality to a wedding that will create lasting memories.

The Case For a Traditional Wedding Singer

A love singer will sing beautiful ballads that will make your wedding as romantic as possible. You’ll slow dance the night away with your sweetie as your wedding singer hits the high notes. All different types of wedding singers are available, so you aren’t specifically limited to a performer who performs strictly love ballads. You can choose from the classical variety, pop singers, jazz artists and so on. Many wedding singers will provide vocals with recorded music playing in the background. Some wedding singers are capable of playing an instrument like the guitar while singing. There are even singers who DJ at weddings so that your party can have a variety of entertainment aside from solely romantic love songs. You should note that many singers are more affordable compared to the cost of hiring an entire band to play at your wedding.

The Case For The Live Band

If you do your research and pick out a live band that has skilled musicians and substantial musical dexterity, they’ll be flexible enough to play all different types of music. Whether it is the electric slide, the chicken dance, the Cha Cha slide or the wobble, the right live band will be able to play them all. This diversity is a stark contrast compared to a traditional, pigeonholed singer who sings only ballads. A live band will also bring its unique flavor with some original songs as well. Some will even take requests to play covers of popular songs, especially if you notify them far in advance that you’d like a certain song played at your wedding.

It is worth pointing out that live bands provide an infusion of energy that solo singers often can’t bring by themselves. Those who don’t want to merely slow dance to love songs will especially appreciate a live band’s ability to notch up the tempo. There’s a feeling of spontaneity that a live band brings to a wedding that many love singers can’t provide. If you have a particularly young crowd at your wedding, a live band might be the best choice.  Everyone appreciates live music, and most people attend weddings with the expectation of dancing with their significant other to some catchy tunes.  While slow ballads from a traditional wedding singer are admirable in their own right, they appeal to a limited audience.

Field Others’ Input Before Making the Decision

Consult with your fiancee before selecting your wedding’s live entertainer.  Try to get a gauge as to what type of music wedding attendees prefer.  Opt for a live performer that is most suitable for your particular wedding audience and the big day will prove that much more memorable.