Jobs in Turlock

If you are looking to move to our beautiful city, you might be wondering what kind of jobs are available in Turlock? Today I will cover some of our cities major industries, and the types of jobs that they offer. 

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Thanks to its location in California’s Central Valley, agriculture and farming is one of the top employers in the area. In addition to wide-ranging crop cultivation, Turlock also has a strong dairy farming industry. The Central Valley is one of the most productive regions in all of the United States and you’ll find farms that grow almonds, grapes, tomatoes, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, rice, cotton, and sweet corn. It is also the largest producer of walnuts in the United States. Even during an economic downturn people still buy food, and the farming industry in the local area added 600 new jobs during the first quarter of 2023. It can be tough work, particularly during the hot summers, but as far as job security goes it’s a pretty reliable industry. 


With both the California State University of Stanislaus and UC Merced nearby the education sector is also a very large employer in the area. You don’t need to have a PhD to get hired, most  of the jobs posted are for operations and support staff such as administrative assistants, maintenance employees, and custodial workers. UC Merced alone has more than 150 jobs listed as of the writing of this article. In addition to the universities there are also a number of public and private schools at the elementary and secondary level that are always in need of teachers, administrators, and support staff. 

Healthcare and Social Assistance

As with much of the country, healthcare workers are in high demand in Turlock. Currently registered nurses are the most sought-after, with more than 500 current postings. There is one major hospital in Turlock, the Emanuel Medical Center, and also  the Turlock Surgical and Medical Center which primarily provides outpatient services that do not require an overnight stay. There are also a number of smaller and specialty clinics in the area. Many do accept shorter-term contracts from travel nurses, so it’s well worth looking into if you are a nurse that would like to see the central California area.  

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Since the area produces so much food, it’s logical that another big industry would be the processing, packaging, and distribution of that food. Many of the crops are packaged and shipped to be sold across the country as well as internationally, and there are also plenty of facilities that process the dairy into cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. Turlock is also a hub for almond processing, with facilities that handle blanching, slicing, and roasting almonds. And yes, there are wineries in the area as the climate is well suited to growing all kinds of grapes. 

We might not be a gathering place for high tech companies here in Turlock (that’s a different part of California) but we have plenty of industries with good, reliable, and honest jobs. Come give us a look!