Living in Turlock

living in Turlock

When it comes time to settle down and raise your family, you want to live in an area that has the amenities of the bigger cities but still holds onto its small town roots.  Turlock, California is just such a town, it has that All-American atmosphere but with plenty of things to see and do.  With a population of just over 70,000 people we are the second largest city located in Stanislaus County, and this is a great place to raise your children.

The small-town feel attracts shutterbugs as well, as the picturesque town feels like a throwback to a simpler time. You can find stock photos (along with free credits!) all over stock photography websites.


If you have kids then you know the importance of a good quality education system.  We have a great public school system and we have reputable post-secondary facilities as well.  We are home to CSUS, or California State University Stanislaus.  Your family can benefit from small town living in a peaceful, safe and relaxed environment combined with excellent educational opportunities all the way through to university.  The Turlock School Districts and the Chatom Union School District can provide quality education from kindergarten right through to high school graduation.  Your children will be prepared for whatever career path they may choose going forward.

Relocating to Turlock

Turlock has some great real estate finds for those new to the area.  We have plenty of quiet and peaceful neighborhoods with plenty of amenities nearby to keep your family busy and entertained.  Our neighborhoods are safe with very low crime rates, and people come here from the bigger cities to enjoy our more than 20 parks, recreational facilities, art galleries, cultural centers, sports facilities and of course our high quality hospitals and medical care.  You are close enough to the Sierra Nevada and San Francisco Bay area to head out for the day with the kids.

Many newcomers to Turlock are pleased at how the local government keeps the city running smoothly and efficiently.  We have excellent community services, garbage pickup is reliable and always on time, we enforce the laws properly and have a reliable infrastructure in place for all of our residents.  If you want to come here to start a business you will find Turlock more than welcoming.  We have a wide variety of communities and housing to suit everyone.  Whether you are looking to build your dream home or are just starting out with a more modest first home Turlock will be a wonderful place to call home.  Come and stay for awhile to see everything we have to offer you and your family, it won’t even cost you much if you use a coupon for the hotel: view site.