Samsung JS9500 4k TV Review

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Samsung’s JS9500 is here, the SUHD TV is a curved 4K display that will blow any user’s mind. The JS9500 comes in three sizes: 65 inch, 78 inch and 88 inch. This model comes in silver color is one of Samsung’s best televisions up to date. Samsung has really reached out o its customers with this TV model; it is nicely finished and has a touch of brilliance from its manufacturers. The JS9500 is a beast from images to sound and competitors of Samsung would want to keep up with this pace.

The curved TV display from Samsung is a great feature, since it allows the living room to blend in with the screen from all the angles. Curved TVs are new technology and they are a great addition to anyone’s living room for great viewing. The model is also Ultra High Definition (UHD) meaning that it displays high quality images that are 4 times better than any normal High Definition TVs. Image display from the JS9500 is pure quality, with visibility still clear in dark and bright rooms because of the semi gloss feature added to the screen.

The stand of the Samsung TV is all-metallic meaning that there is stability to hold the quite heavy tv in place. The new Samsung remote is an advanced gadget with touch panels and a microphone for speech recognition and voice control making it better than it already is. The processing power of the JS9500 is amazing with everything responding in a very fast way The TV can detect by itself, where the screen is not well laminated and adjust to fit you and enhance your viewing experience automatically.


One of the setbacks of the super machine is its price; it is quite expensive for someone in the normal household and not everyone can afford the TV. The JS9500 also needs room to fit in, if your living room is crowded then this will be a big issue, because an 88 inch TV just does not fit in any regular space. The voice recognition feature for those (like me) who do not like such additions cannot be off, they are always on and proves to be a nuisance when the TV is standby waiting for the words to turn it back on.


The TV is everything I ever dreamed of, from picture quality to the new advanced controls, the JS9500 has it all. Though others may not approve the large sizes and its relatively high price, my advice would be to take the risk and feel the experience of viewing the best TV from Samsung Electronics. The processing ability is mind blowing, with super fast response to any commands from the remote. The speech recognition makes life easier by controlling your TV stations by giving verbal instructions. The JS9500 for me has it all and is already in my list of best curved TVs even before seeing the others. Other manufacturers have a tough challenge to beat especially when it comes to the JS9500.

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10 Cities To Visit In California

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California is probably the most popular state mainly because of it’s beaches, resorts and movie stars. However, there is much more to California than golden sand and hot sun. This state can overwhelm you with it’s extreme diversity! And to prove that I would like to tell you about the 10 cities I would choose to visit.
1. San Francisco

This city is as beautiful and diverse as California itself. There are many little neighbourhoods that are completely different from each other and you feel completely immersed in their culture when you go there. The people in San Francisco create a unique atmosphere of creativity and hospitality which is so rare nowadays. Everyone who comes there loves the beautiful architecture, rich history and the variety of activities to enjoy.

Los-Angeles2. Los Angeles

This is the most glamorous and luxury city in California. Everything in LA will remind you of how California is pictured in movies: golden sandy beaches, blue ocean, gorgeous girls tanning, Hollywood, art and so on. A Heaven on earth.

3. San Diego

This is another city you absolutely must visit. It’s most-known tourist attraction is the famous San Diego Zoo. But the best part about this city is many beautiful beaches that are perfect for having a nice and relaxing day.

4. San Luis Obispo

It’s an awesome little college town that will be perfect for your summer beach vacation. Besides from the great little beaches it also has some fun bars and Farmer’s Markets.

dsc_0018f5. Marysville

If you want to know what real California is like you must visit a city like this. Marysville is a little town in Northern California surrounded my military households. People there live a normal, ordinary life. They are far away from glamorous Hollywood and Los Angeles but it’s what most Californians’ life actually is like. Plus, this city has a cute little downtown area that is perfect for an evening out.

6. Death Valley Junction

If you go to California you definitely have to visit the Death Valley. Plus, it’s very close to the National Park so the trip will be worth it anyway.

7. Sacramento

Well, this is the state capital so exploring it will give you a full sense of what historical California is like. Good places to see are some museums, government buildings and historical sights. Don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful place!

2440786510_1612604beb_z8. Arcata

This is another city in the Northern part of the State. It’s actually pretty fun to visit. Especially if you enjoy the philosophy of hippies, medical marijuana, upper-liberalism and simply a relaxing lifestyle. And even if not – visiting it is crucial to understanding California.

9. Salton Sea

This place is pretty unusual and not many people know about it so it can be great to escape from all the tourists. This city has got a big salty lake and almost no one living around here so it could be an interesting experience for you.

10. Redding

It’s a big city with picturesque views and tons of stuff to do for people who enjoy outdoors activities. It is located in the North so, again, this is just the place if you want to see the rest of California.

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